The Great /who/ Fracturing of 2017

The Great /who/ Fracturing of 2017 is a currently developing event in which many regular anons of /who/ left the show due to the casting of a female Doctor. The casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor has sparked a myriad of reactions both from the general public and from /who/, though /who/ is likely to suffer particularly hard from the event due to their 1000 years war with Tumblr and Gallifrey Base.

Day 1 - The Great BTFO


On the day of the announcement (July 16th, 2017), many anons of /who/ made their displeasure known in a variety of forms. Some would cite particular reasons for why having a female Doctor is bad for the show, such as the ones Peter North cited two years prior. Some wished for the show's inevitable cancellation to come as early as Chibnall's Diamond Age. Still others announced their departure from the show for good, some completely unsubscribing from the official Doctor Who® Youtube™ channel as well as other forms of social media such as twitter and facebook, likely foreshadowing the soon to be Great Migration. Of course, many of them were just Marshallfags who simply got utterly BTFO that their Strawberry Blonde dreams were over. Meanwhile, Jodiefag footposting reached a new peak in (foot) traffic.

Day 2 - War

No more.

/who/ has solidly at this point settled into two camps. Camp 1 believes that Jodie will be a great Doctor and cannot wait to see her onscreen, while Camp 2 believes the show will be shit and might stay around just to watch it crash with no survivors. Realistically these two camps have always existed on /who/, so not much has changed other than Camp 1 things "/pol/ should just leave" while Camp 2 thinks "Tumblr should just leave". Currently, Camp 2 has higher numbers and the backing of /tv/ itself behind them, while Camp 1 likely has better staying power since they might actually stay and watch the show. Only time will tell.

The important thing is that there is no silly editing war on the wiki right now.

One of the threads from during the war

Day 3 - The Great Migration

This is as scientific as /who/ gets, so we'll work with it.

By this point, a good chunk of the fandom against a female Doctor has left /who/ (not for good obviously, one day they shall come back). A poll was done during day 2 to get a feel for the new composition of /who/, with the largest chunk of the against camp clearly being American as the bottom bar grew after American work hours. Due to the increase in conflict during this time period, one can expect day /who/ to be objectively more comfy than night /who/ for a long while. Any major changes to this will be noted in this article later.

Intriguingly, the fracture has finally started to affect the wiki as someone posted the Times Doctor Who Was Ruined Forever page somewhere other than 4chan. It's unknown how many lives will be lost due to this carelessness. Many on the wiki think we should build a wall, while others think we should defeat them with the power of love

Continuing Developments

July 20th, 2017 - Davison, Colin Baker, and Sophie Aldred discuss Whittaker's casting. The fracture has reached the GOAT Big Finish Doctors. How will Big Finish ever recover?

July 24th, 2017 - Davison's twitter is kill.

Feels different this time.

The Arguments Against a Female Doctor

File:Peter Davison On A Female Doctor & Bringing Back Jenny-0
Davison gives his reasoning like the innocent man he is. Oh Pete, they are going to eat you alive.
Regardless of your opinion, this is a very good point.

Those that have reacted negatively to the news of a female Doctor have many legitimate reasons for wanting the Doctor to be male. Some (but not all) of the points made include:

  1. The Doctor is inherently male/vastly prefers being male/views himself as male.
  2. The Doctor, being a vulnerable female character, can very easily come off as a stereotype, particularly with a strong male companion (known as the Davison argument).
  3. The casting of a female Doctor appears to be a pressured move from Chris Chibnall due to the increasingly inflammatory reaction from the radical left for "more representation" in popular media.
  4. Casting a female Doctor could be a slippery slope to such representation, leading to a rallying cry of more diverse Doctors for the sake of diversity as opposed to casting the best actor for the job.
  5. Or by contrast, the BBC will claim that they officially have enough diversity and will refuse to cast a black, Irish or Welsh Doctor.
  6. Forgetting the issue with diversity, Chibnall could write off any criticism for a badly written plot as "sexism".
  7. Diversity quota may eventually lead to *shivers* an American Doctor.
  8. Ian Levine might write a horrible protest song, "Doctor in this Dress!"

The Arguments For a Female Doctor

The Bakery weighs in.

Likewise, many on /who/ did not react negatively to the news of a female Doctor. Though some are just footfags as mentioned previously, many also have genuine reasons to justify their positive reaction:

  1. The push from the radical left for a female Doctor should not exclude the possibility of a female Doctor simply to deny them what they want.
  2. The casting of the Doctor should be based on merit - just as a female shouldn't be cast simply because she is female, a male shouldn't be cast if a female actor is better for the part.
  3. The Moffat era had established a swathe of hints towards a female Doctor, meaning that the further denial of a female Doctor would only alienate/trigger fans further for not delivering on heavily implied promises.
  4. Casting a female Doctor would inevitably draw back many fans that quit the show in the Moffat era, and such a decision was inevitably going to happen (due to point 3), so it makes sense to do so in the middle of the largest ratings slump in the show's history.
  5. The idea of a female Doctor had already been brought up in the Unbound audio Exile and the Moffat-written parody The Curse of Fatal Death, meaning the concept of a female Doctor has already been explored, and is familiar territory for any future writer. Furthermore, behind the scenes discussions regarding a female Doctor in the actual show have been happening since the 80s, with Tom Baker suggesting his successor be a woman and former executive producer Sydney Newman arguing that Seven should be female in order to bring up dying ratings.
    File:Sylvester McCoy welcomes Jodie Whittaker to the Doctor Who family
    McCoy travels back in time a full year to wish Jodie Whittaker a successful run. Based Seven does it again.
  6. The slippery slope argument is only a theory, as many other series with female leads didn't jump off the deep end and introduce trans, black, handicapped characters immediately after. Racially diverse shows and gender diverse shows often do not overlap, as feminist shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been criticized for having very few non-white characters throughout the entirety of its run. Even with franchises like Star Trek, having a female protagonist in Voyager didn't change their diversity much, and only over two decades later did things such as homosexuality and strong black women occur within the franchise.
  7. "At a later stage Doctor Who should be metamorphosed into a woman" - Sydney Newman
  8. When Tom Baker left Doctor Who he said "Best wishes to the next Doctor, whoever he or she may be!"
  9. Ian Levine might write a horrible protest song, "Doctor in this Dress!"

Some Idiotic Reactions on Both Sides

Obviously, many tumblrinas are thankful for their meaningless representation and are going to over-exalt Lucky 13 simply for having a vagina. You can hear the cries of "I'm With Her" growing louder and louder. Likewise, as gorgeous as Jodie's feet are, there will always be a portion of the audience that only wanted her as the doctor for more footposting (I admit I could be one of them).

Meanwhile, there are genuine Cletuses on the other side that cannot see that their triggering of a female Doctor just because Tumblr wanted one is just as reactionary and demanding as what the SJWs have been doing.

Safely put into the "idiot" category. What the hell did he actually mean by this?

In the end, both sides are forgetting that Jodie is a northerner. Expect Ecclescake with Etheric Beam Locators in 2018.

Reminder that Levine