The Ghost Monument

The Spook Monument
It's a fixer-upper. The show, I mean.
It's a fixer-upper. The show, I mean.
Season: 11
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 14 October 2018
Written by Chris Chinball
Directed by Mark Tonderai
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The Woman Who Fell to Earth Rosa
The Mystery of the Druids
Two episodes in and we're already doing a beach episode? Chinball you fucking HACK!
The Mystery Man
The Elusive Lady




The Ghost Monument is episode 2 of series 11 and stars Joey Whit as Doctor 13, Bradders as gramma, and the others as well.

The only thing the summary told us is that the driving mystery of series 11, and possibly of the franchise going forward, is "just who are Angstrom and Epzo?"

All I know is Angstrom's got this whole butch thing going on that's pretty hot. I'd be her bonus if you catch my meaning.


It turns out it's wacky races on the planet from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Ryan, whose entire character summary is that he suffers from Dyspraxia (a disorder which harms hand-eye coordination and fine motor control), reveals that he's prestiged five times on Call of Duty and goes all modern warfare on the sniperbots. Sadly, it turns out they're more the Halo type and he's shot down tragically.


Too much water. 8/10.