The Female Doctor

Lucky Thirteen.
Tom wants a man in drag.
Pielord approves.
Peter's thoughts.
Moff goes apeshit.

The Female Doctor is an idea that's been kicking around since the early 80's when Bomb Taker hinted that his replacement might be a woman. JNT later hinted that the Seventh Doctor might be a female to drum up some press towards the end of Cancelled Who's run, and even Sydney Newman recommended casting a woman as Seven. A bit later on Joanna Lumley played a female Thirteenth Doctor in 1999's The Curse of Fatal Death. And the 2003 audio Exile featured an alternate universe where the Third Doctor was female, played by Arabella Weir.

Cut to July 2017 and after yeards of edging, Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker (damn, not Atwell) was announced as the Thirteenth Doctor, replacing Capalders and becoming the first official dickless Doctor ever. Peter Davison has since been spotted wandering around outside the BBC brandishing a double-barrelled shotgun and several grenades.


So is this good for the show or is this disastrous for the show? This is a question so big it actually fractured /who/ right down the middle. But keep in mind that whatever happens, your opinion is wrong and mine is right.



Chibbers had this to say: “After months of lists, conversations, auditions, recalls, and a lot of secret-keeping, we’re excited to welcome Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. I always knew I wanted the 13th Doctor to be a woman and we’re thrilled to have secured our number one choice. Her audition for the Doctor simply blew us all away. Jodie is an in-demand, funny, inspiring, super-smart force of nature and will bring loads of wit, strength and warmth to the role. The 13th Doctor is on her way.”


The Capaldick chipped in some kind words: “Anyone who has seen Jodie Whittaker’s work will know that she is a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm. She has above all the huge heart to play this most special part. She’s going to be a fantastic Doctor.”


Davison disapproves

“I’ve never quite liked the idea of a female Doctor. I think they’ve found a perfect situation now [in the modern show] where they have the slightly faulted Doctor with all his mad genius, and you have the strong woman as the companion. I think that works very well. If you reversed it, it would be difficult because you’d have the woman as the mad genius, but is she vulnerable? And then you just have a strong man as the companion. And somehow that doesn’t work well to me. Disagree fuck off.”


It's over, Doctor Who is finished. Again.