The Dream Lord

Bowties are cool.
"I'll hook u in the gabber m8"
There's only one person in the Universe that hates me as much as you do.

The Dream Lord was a hallucination of the Eleventh Doctor's brought on by a bad acid trip.


In the story Amy's Choice the Doctor, Amy and Rory overdose on "psychic pollen" and go into a dream-state. Eleven totally trips balls and creates a psychic manifestation of the darker parts of his personality called The Dream Lord who then proceeds to fuck with them all. The Doctor's own personal Freddy Krueger.


Pretty cool. A bit like the Scrapyard in dream form really. He appeared as a parody of Eleven (even wearing a tweed jacket and bow-tie) and fucked about with the Doctor's insecurities.

"Friends". Is that the right word for the people you acquire? Friends are people you stay in touch with. Your friends never see you again one they've grown up. The old man prefers the company of the young, does he not? - The Dream Lord points out the Doctor is a dangerous sex offender.