The Doctor Falls

The Doctor Falls
"Don't jump! You've got so much to live for!"
"Don't jump! You've got so much to live for!"
Season: 10
Episode: 12
Vital statistics
Air date 1 July 2017
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay
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World Enough and Time Twice Upon A Time/Capaldi's Last Episode/Moffat's final episode
Idk wtf this is.
The perfect visual metaphor for the Twelfth Doctor's era.
yfw your far better design is skipped for the iron man one
Watching the Doctor fall like
It is no longer dinner time.

The Doctor Falls, or Attack of the Cybermen 2, is the finale of Series 10, which will be followed up by the final episode for both CapoldE and Moffuck. It stars the Mondas Cyberdudes and is the last (regular) episode for everyone's favourite human incarnated chip, asBill, who got turned into a Cyberchip in the previous one.


This is the Doctor's darkest hour. He'll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further...

It's unknown at this point whether the Cybermen will be the main focus of the story of whether they'll just be pushed to the side to make way for someone else, again.

The Doctor falls off a Radio Tower and begins to regenerate. His companions- Nardole, Cyberbill, Cyberbrig, Door and Pete - all take to his side. The Doctor, weak and with much difficulty, beings to console his loyal companions:

"Ah fuckity bye."

To the side, we see Kris Marshall covered in flower lay down on top of the Twelfth Doctor. "You cannot fuck me, I am unfuckable! I have never been fucked! And if you try and fuck me, my ass will grow fangs and snap your fucking cock off!" And at last, the Doctor's regeneration completes.


Pilot Plot

After some quality meming, The Doctor courteously wanks off Doctor Who fanboys by making all Cyberman origin stories canon, yes even that obscure DWM one with the Zed looking dudes, and reveals that he hacked the cyberman's programming whislt he was being beaten up, in order to register Time Lords as conversion targests, shitting their pants, the two Masters release the Doctor in order to fight the descending horde of Cybermen, in the ensuing chaos the Doctor is mortally wounded by an electric cyberhug. Nardole then appears, to the rescue, piloting a shuttle craft. The two Masters bravely leave the Doctor for dead until their escape is halted by CyberBill.


Ehh, might be good? Considering how bad Moffat's been with previous series finales though, it's not likely.

Really crappy title.

May be GOAT. Pre-review says otherwise.

IT WAS GOAT, Honestly, go watch the episode. Literally the best finale in NuWho, and the only one that doesn't absolutely deflate the tension made from the previous episode. Quite the opposite.

...Except the Moff made Bill human again into engine oil (but it was well done and well justified throughout the episode, and also the Doctor still thinks she's dead), as we all predicted. Probably because it would have been considered "homophobic" if he didn't, in spite of the fact that killing gay characters is often used as a writing strategy to make audiences feel more for gay characters and understand that gay people are people too.

...Still, the way he made Bill human again could have been miles worse than it was, and all this aside, this episode was GOAT!!!

It really was GOAT though, it was even better than the first part, a Moffat first.

>those opening scenes with the doctor chained up
  >simm redeemed, he was great this episode, his best portrayal
  >bill realizing she's still a cybermen
  >that GOAT speech 12 gave to Missy and Simm
  >missy and simm killing each other
  >12 will never find out missy was coming back to help him
  >12 going out fighting and blowing up cybermen while heaven sent music plays
  >12 having a fight with regeneration itself
  >first doctor

Dare I say, it was better than Heaven Sent?

Because it absolutely was.



  • The Master got a boner from himself. Ew.
  • For you autists who obsess over how the Mondas and Cybus Cybermen are completely different, Moffat gloriously fucks you over by saying the Mondas, Telos, and Planet 14 Cybermen are different from each other. And Marinus is also origin spot for Cybermen. Oh yeah, Grant Morrison is canon. Thanks Moffat.
  • Rory, Strax, and Mickey aren't canon though. Sucks for them.
  • Are these the same Cybermen as we see in the Tenth Planet? Or are there still people on Mondas who will be upgraded in the Christmas Special?
  • Apparently The Tenth Planet is canon enough to be referenced but the classic companions aren't? Seriously Moffat?

People threw a shitfit when Ten declared he didn't want to go, Twelve straight up refused.

Twelves body: "Oh hey dude I just sustained massive damage, like I can't go on unless I replace every cell"


Twelves body: "Understandable have a nice day, but you're losing your time dick for this"

Twelve's body: "How the hell did you survive an explosion that destroyed an entire army of Borg like Cybermen that can literally heal from anything?"

Doctor: "Fuck you that's why."

Also, remember when 12 said he wasn't much of a hugging person now? Well, just look at how he got mortally wounded here.