The Doctor's Meditation

The Doctor's Meditation
Season: 9
Episode: Minisode
Vital statistics
Air date Before Series 9
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Edward Bazalgette
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Last Christmas The Magician's Apprentice

The Doctor's Masturbation is a special prequel shown exclusively for Amerifats (of which I am a part and proud of it) at special Dark Water/Death In Heaven showings nationwide to increase hype for Series 9.

The Plot

So after the Prologue (which isn't the time thing, get it straight you morons), it shows the Doctor "meditating", which is as about as quiet and peaceful as you'd expect. He saves some viking from a splinter, and then he swears fealty to The Doctor for some reason. Anyways, He convinces the viking and his peasant army to dig a bunch of wells (TRIGGERED), and then gets all dark and forshadow-y about his meeting with a dying Dave Ross, and something about a battlefield.

But in all honesty, it did increase my hype and was a cool little prequel. GET HYPE.