The Daleks' Master Plan

The Daleks' Master Plan
The daleks' master plan.png
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 13 November 1965 - 29 January 1966
Written by Terry Nation and Dennis Spooner
Directed by Douglas Camfield
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Towards the end of his life, the first Doctor became the Face of Bill.
Jesus christ, Jackson, really?

The Daleks' Master Plan. Man, that's a great title, isn't it? It just says it all. It also begs a Bane quote, doesn't it. Probably two or three pictures captioned with variations on "What's the next step in the Daleks' Master Plan?". We might get some mileage out of an actor who looks stereotypically Master-y, too, and say "Pictured: The Master of the Daleks". Ooh, or maybe we'll pattern this page as a huge, epic description of the twelve part ultra-story where the Daleks conquer the galaxy, slaughter companions by the fistful, and leave the Doctor utterly defeated and broken.

That would be awesome, wouldn't it.

Well too bad, because the story doesn't exist anymore. Sorry, better try another wiki, like Wikipedia or... *shudders* TARDIS Data Bore.