The Dæmons

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Jenkins. Chap with the wings there. Five rounds rapid.

The Dæmons
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Season: 8
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 22 May - 19 June 1971
Written by Guy Leopold & Barry Letts
Directed by Christopher Barry
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Ronnie James Delgado.

The Dæmons was the last story of Season 8. It's a Third Doctor story with Jo Grant and UNIT.


The Doctor and Jo travel to Devil's End where there's a new vicar in town, Reverend Magister. Shock horror, it turns out that he's actually Roger Delgado! Well the Mattress actually. He's busy summoning up Satan (or possibly some other ancient evil demon called Azal) to help record his new power metal album. Meanwhile the Doctor and Jo provide background vocals.


At the end Benton has a dance while The Brig and Mike Yates head to the pub.