The Christmas Invasion

No second chances. I'm that sort of a man.
The Christmas Invasion
"Frank? Fraaaaank! I haven't seen you for years!"
"Frank? Fraaaaank! I haven't seen you for years!"
Season: 2
Episode: Christmas Special
Vital statistics
Air date 25 December 2005
Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by James Hawes
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"I can't believe i'm The Doctor" - David Tennant
After a few cups of the Jackie Tyler Egg Nog family recipe.
Actual line from the episode.
On a related note, the best line from "Song for Ten" is "Well I woke up today and you're on the other side..."
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The Christmas Invasion is the debut episode of the best worst tenth Doctor. It's alright. Ironically, it is probably one of the best Christmas specials. Not that it's saying much at all.

Plot, such as it is

The Doctor takes a nap while the Tylers (and Smith) watch the world (which is to say, England) get invaded by Faction Paradox the Sycorax. Christmas attacks a few times, which is amusing. The Doctor gives a rousing speech and then grows a fresh Fightin' Hand. There's a satsuma, and it's almost as bad as a tangerine. And once the day is saved, Harriet Jones turns out to be Margaret Thatcher in disguise. The Doctor gets a new coat out of the wardrobe (leather's a bit mid life crisis, isn't it?) while a pretty fun song plays. Christmas crackers are had. A terrible tradition is born.

Pretty comfy.


Doctor Ten's debut adventure sealed his fate. On a very real level, the Christmas Invasion illustrates the fatal flaws that will kill him. The Doctor's arrogance in how and why he defeats Harriet Jones proves his ultimate undoing, both emotionally and physically. On a plot level, the power vaccuum he creates here will eventually be filled by the Mattress, leading to the End of Time.



Bravo! That says it all. Bravo!
— Harriet Jones and Rose Tyler on the RTD Era.

Its alright.