The Ark in Space

The Ark in Space
The Ark in Space.jpg
Season: 12
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 25 January – 15 February 1975
Written by Robert Holmes and John Lucarotti
Directed by Rodney Bennett
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Robot The Sontaran Experiment
Yes, it's bubble wrap, no, we're not going to complain about it, now let's just move on.
The bubble wrap in space. Sorry, sorry, I know I said we wouldn't be doing that, my apologies...

The Ark in Space is the second episode of the Fourth Doctor's tenure, and served as the premier of the First Golden Age of Doctor Who.


It stars Lord Tom, Lady Elisabeth, and His Holiness Ian, and was written by Sherlock Holmes based on a story by BRAVO LUCAROTTI.

Robert Holmes and John Lucarotti, man, what a twisted pairing. What will they come together to create?




It's GOAT GOAT GOAT. Watch it. Do it, do it now. Just a shame it's not canon.


The aliens: are they called Wirn, or Wirrn? No, fuck you, they're called Wirrrn. (Thanks Gary Russell.) Yeah, maybe that was originally just a typo on the script that the Target novelisation picked up by accident, but the novel Placebo Effect goes with that typo. An Eighth Doctor Adventures novel that uses companions from the comic books is double plus super canon.