The Ark

The Ark
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Season: 3
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 5 March 1966 - 26 March 1966
Written by Paul Erickson & Lesley Scott
Directed by Michael Imison
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That elephant will have remembered his encounter with Hartnell for the rest of his life; Hartnell would've forgotten about it within two hours.

The Ark was the sixth story in the third season of Docrot Who, and the final story in the John Wiles quadrilogy. It was also the first full adventure of the worst companion in this entire franchise.


So, the TARDEZZ lands on a space ark in the far far future where humans are being carried across light years to their new home after Earth became uninhabitable. Dohdoh is carrying a cold and accidentally infects the future humans and their buttbuddies the Monoids, both of whom have been free from illness for hundreds of years and thus have crap immune systems. The Doktah then has to fix her shit and come up with a cure. He does just that and leaves.

After heading off, the TARDISSE coincidentally lands on the same ark 700 years into the future where the Monoids have taken over and enslaved the humans, and the Doctor needs to fix their shit too. He does just that and leaves.


One of the many Classic stories that has retro-camp appeal. There are just so many cheesy lines and hilarious and almost adorably camp moments in this that you can't help but love it... that is, unless you are a Doctor Who fan, as the Doctor Who fanbase have proven time and time again that they have no sense of humour (outside of this wiki, of course). The highlight of campness comes in episodes 3 & 4 with the invisible Refusians, who are so posh and wellspoken and like to keep their houses nice and tidy, and also like to charge into space capsules and make them explode. Also, the Monoids are GOAT.