The Angels Take Manhattan

The Angels Take Manhattan
Please, Jesus, make us unsee this shit
Please, Jesus, make us unsee this shit
Season: 7
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 29 September 2012
Written by Weeping Angels and River Song? Take a wild guess.
Directed by Nick Hurran
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The Power of Three P.S.
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Waving goodbye to the Ponds like.

The Angels Take My Virginity was the fifth episode of Series Chessmaster.  

It is the final episode of Series 7 Part One and the final episode featuring Karen "Dawn of the Final Day" Gillan and Hungry Skeleton as main companions. Also stars Mork Smoith as some guy and Alex Kingston as Ocean Dong

Features the debut of That One Baby Weeping Angel

Moffat does it again

I always assumed from the dialogue of Blink that the Weeping Angels were humanoids with wings that turned to stone, and their appearance as statues was just incidental to their ability to turn to stone. Serving as a convenient disguise to blend into their surroundings, like stick insects, or flower mantids, but it turns out that the angels are just statues that come to life I guess because Mobbat said so. 

The Statue of Liberty angel was a cool idea but it makes less sense the more you think about it. Since it is a massive statue moving around in a city populated by millions of people it shouldn't even be able to move. What's that pleb? "It's moving around at night so people wont notice it"? Regardless of how late it is, a massive statue stomping across New York is something people would consider conversation worthy, in fact there are many who would drop all of their shit just to stare at that something like that, and all it takes is ONE PERSON to freeze it. Also, the Statue of Liberty is made of copper and not stone.  

Come to think of it, there are insects, mammals and birds observing almost everything, so the weeping angels shouldn't be able to move at all since all it would take to stop them is an inconveniently curious spider. I hope Moffat got fired for that blunder. Wait, shit, no, go back.

On the other hand

At least Angels send people back in time here, which is a huge improvement over the last time. implying that this episode is better than The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (Time of Angels is GOAT, this is not, fuck you).

Goodbye, Emu and Roar

Amy and Rory leave the Doctor's life because an Angel sends them back in time, and the Doctor can't ever see them again because 1930s New York is paradox city due to events earlier in the story.

Then again, if the Ponds were willing to travel halfway across the world to meet up with the Doctor in Series 6, surely they'd have no problems with just... I dunno... meeting up with him OUTSIDE of New York.

Didn't Twelvey land just fine in that one Christmas Special that nobody remembers?

Also, River visits Amy afterwards using her vortex manipulator, meaning the Doctor could still go and visit them and maybe even bring them back. Speaking of the vortex manipulator, why didn't Amy just ask River to take her back in time to live out her life with Rory, instead of unnecessarily feeding the Angel and making it more dangerous? And speaking of that Angel, what did the Doctor and River do with it in the end?

These questions never get answered, because the story's in too much of a rush to throw the Ponds out. I can practically hear Moffat whispering "shhhhhh, don't think about it or ask any questions. Just accept it, they're gone..." in my ear during the final scene. Oh shit wait Moffat actually broke into my house.


One good thing about this episode is that it finally rids us of the loathsome cunt that is Amy.