The Androids of Tara

The Androids of Tara
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Season: 16
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 25 November - 16 December 1978
Written by David Fisher
Directed by Michael Hayes
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Coming for dat booty.
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The Androids of Tara is the fourth chapter in The Key to Time-Wasting storyline, and it's absolutely terribl...y GOAT. Seriously, I daresay this is the best story of the whole Key to Time saga. Unlike stories such as Creature from the Pit and Horns of Nimon which are just flat out retarded in how silly they are, Tara's comedy is more witty and intelligent in line with City of Death, as opposed to Creature's "LOOK, IT'S A GIANT WANG!" humour.

Tom Baker has never been funnier as the Doctor, flat out deciding to take a break from the quest and go fishing. Mary Tamm gets to play a double role - no wait, a TRIPLE role - in the form of Unsexy Romana, an android duplicate, and a caged up princess. Also, K9 gets stuck on a canoe and hilarity ensures.

This story is also home to That beast from The Androids of Tara, clearly the best and most convincing Doctor Who villain ever conceived.

Quotes of GOATNESS

DOCTOR: "Do you mind not standing on my chest? My hat's on fire."

DOCTOR: "One thousand gold pieces? Pfft. You think you can buy me for money? Ha! Five hundred."

FARRAH: "What are you doing?"  DOCTOR: "Calling my dog." FARRAH: "I don't see any dog."  DOCTOR: "Well, of course not. He hasn't arrived yet"

GRENDEL: "Well, Doctor? Are you coming out? You have my word as a Gracht you will not be harmed."  K9: "Ill-advised, master."  DOCTOR: "What? You just leave it to me, K9. I know exactly what I'm doing."  (The Doctor walks outside and the bowmen start shooting. He dashes back inside again, then opens the door to shout at Grendel.)  DOCTOR: "Liar!"