The Android Invasion

The Android Invasion
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Season: 13
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 22 November - 13 December 1975
Written by Terry Nation
Directed by Barry Letts
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Pyramids of Mars The Brain of Morbius
Androids invade.
Android Sarah kicks arse.

The Android Invasion is the fourth serial of Season 13 of Doctor Who and was written by Terror Nation.


It was the last appearance of UNIT characters Sergeant Benton and Harry Sullivan. The story's a bit dull and done on the cheap.


The Doctor and MayJane Smoth land the TARDIS in a small English village full of android humans then find out they're not in England but in a duplicate English village on another planet.

The planet is ruled by a race of angry hamsters who plan to use the android duplicate people to take over a small English village or something I guess? They were getting help from a former astronaut they captured who lost an eye in a space-accident. The scene where he lifts his eye-patch is not to be missed.

I seem to recall the angry hamsters argued a lot, and one may have shot another. The only other memorable bit is when the android MayJane falls down and her face pops off - angry hamster engineering at its finest.

The Ballad of Benton

Benton was said later in the series to have left UNIT and become a used car salesman; Levene returned to the role in direct-to-video movies of uncertain canonicity, probably those made by McGann in his basement.

How Did This Suck?!

It's worth mentioning that this story takes place firmly within what we often term the First Golden Age of Doctor Who. The previous season, 12, included Genesis of the Daleks, while this season, 13, included Pyramids of Mars and The Brain of Morbius (book ending this story even) and the following season, 14, continued the embarrassment of riches with The Deadly Assassin, The Robots of Death and even The Talons of Weng-Chiang. And yet, here's this justly-forgotten four-parter of meh.

This proves that no matter what age you find yourself in, even a platinum age, the programme can still churn out something they couldn't have bothered with except to fill out the season and for their cocaine money. Every season will have its winners, its losers and its moon-eggs. The next time you have to suffer viewing a story about trees, don't worry, the next one will probably be better, unless you're watching The Mark of the Rani.

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