The AV Club Doctor Who Reviews


The AV Club is an insufferable website spin-off of "The Onion" featuring pointless material written by hipsters of all stripes who sit upon their golden thrones and dispense their (unwanted) opinions on everything pop culture, to the detriment of every fandom you can think of. In the last few years they've taken it upon themselves to also dissect Doctor Who episodes like some goddamn frog in a high school biology class, if that high school was for snobby weak nerds only, who had no friends and wrote poetry while hot tears of impotent rage burned down their wee cheeks. In the course of getting so damn much wrong about Doctor Who, they also often assign an overall letter grade (see? High school) to an episode's story. This is ridiculous because everyone knows that when you average what each Doctor Who fan thinks of what episode, no episode will come out above a C- and most will receive an F. So they're wasting their time.

Still, even if The AV CLub's pretentious writers are horrible at spotting a good or bad episode of Doctor Who, their reviews tend to provide good food for thought while preciously parsing out each and every weak theme the showruiner has oh-so-goddamn-cleverly and repeatedly hit us over the head with. Fucking Hell.

Read the reviews (Classic Who, NewWho) yourself and make up your own mind!