Terror of the Autons

Terror of the Autons
Season: 8
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 2 January - 23 January 1971
Written by Robert Holmes
Directed by Barry Letts
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Terror of the Autons is the first story to feature "Jo Tipper the Dalek Stripper" Grant. It is also the second story to feature the popular villain Big Guy For You, last seen in Tomb of the Cybermen. It is well known for being the debut of Roger Cesar Mariums Bernard De Delgado El Barto Magnifico Voy A Romper A Pedeazos Empezar Rezar Torres Castillo Nacho Libre Roberto as the Mattress.


The Master allies himself with Big Guy for You, lord and master of the Autons. Mattress disguises himself as a plastic manufacturer and usurps a small plastics firm in order to oversee the advanced guard Auton attack. Did you know that "Advance Guard" is english for "Avant Garde"? Now you know why this episode is too deep for you. Anyways, there's a radio telescope that the Doctor and the Master meet each other on, and a dude gets shrunk, and the Master gets away.

"You came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker"


Bretty damn gud, even if it is partly a re hash of Spearhead from Space. The sheer variety of Auton creatures makes this story more interesting, and gives Autons a very threatening presence when any plastic couch or telephone cable can kill you.