stream when?

>tfw no Clara Stream

Streaming, not to be confused with the act of deliberately urinating down one's leg, is something increasingly done by /who/ as of summer 2015. It typically involves spamming links to a CyTube in /who/, waiting a moment as a few interaction-starved shutins desperately log on, and then queueing up some utter piece of garbage for everyone to watch while spamming endless memes in the chat window. It is possible to waste weeks and weeks of one's life doing this; streams have been known to continue unbroken for upwards of 24 hours.


However, the culture of streaming eventually died went on indefinite hiatus upon the coinciding of low /who/ activity with the depletion of readily mockable episodes. The stream wilderness years are projected to end by October when either Fan Film S3 (nothing happened) or Foreman (lol no) comes out, but until then you may have to get an actual life.

Relevant streams

FuckOfferino - named after the immortal meme, this steadily became the stream of choice after attracting a maximum density of shutins. Has been known to be quite comfy but has been rather dead as of August. (Seems to be truly cancelled now the admin has changed the password and demodded everyone.) DED

ThoraxTime - Originally conceived as a home for tangentially-Who material such as BBV fan productions, it later scored a dank emote bank that threatened to upstage FuckOfferino's. Still runs stuff on occasion. BASICALLY DED

whotube - Been thinking "HELP WHY IS NO ONE STREAMING OH GOD MY LIFE IS MEANINGLESS"? This is a channel made by and for people like you. As such there's basically only a group of about 5 active users here who, for mysterious unknown reasons, virtually no-one else wants to interact with. As revivals go, this is about as successful as the TV Movie. NEVER LIVED

Mojoman9393 - So fucking non-canon it hurts. WHO?

casualwhostream - Experienced a surge of viewership in April of 2017 after the announcement of DINNER TIME. Reached unprecedented, catastrophic heights of 40+ viewers during a stream of The End of Time, and currently schedules a mix of classic, new, and meme shite. PROBABLY DED SOON

cats12cats12cats12 - Cats' personal stream. Rarely used for Doctor Who streams and rotates through a 3-hour Lil B playlist in the meantime. DED

Things that may be Streamed