Vital statistics
Range The Companion Chronicles
Release number 4.12
Release date June 2010
Writer John Dorney
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
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Night's Black Agents The Guardian of the Solar System

Microsoft Solitaire™ is a Big Saggy Balls audio that surprisingly revolves very little - in fact, not at all - around the titular card game.


An amnesia-stricken Charley Pollard ends up in the lair of the Celestial Ching Chong Yellow Oriental (insert any other offensive word for Asian here) Toymaker to play his game, but then it turns out she's not actually the one playing because the game has become sentient and is destroying the lair as a means to force the Toymaker to admit defeat by escaping in the Doctor's TARDIS... Oh, spoilers.

Things you should know


Executes the idea of the Toymaker far better and far more interestingly than the original story, but then again that's not very hard to do considering the original story was shite and dull. Charley also proves herself very capable in this one, so if you've not heard her run with Based 8 yet then this may be a good taster for her character.