Small Beginnings

Small Beginnings is /who/'s very own audio productions.


It was accidentally started by Faceless and a nervous anon who wanted to voice a script, but had to whisper. They ended up with a story about Nine and Rose saving some tupperware. Small Beginnings may not be as well financed as Big Finish, but we'll have just as much fun as they do we'll get cancelled much faster.

Small Beginnings's stories are the only canon stories, besides cannon.webm.


It was announced on November 16th, 2014 by some random dude on /who/ that "It's over. The novelty wore off fast."

Most of the /who/res involved are now presumed dead.


Season 1

Title Description
The Missing Tupperware The first story of Small Beginnings. Some say it all went to crap after this. They're probably wrong. Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler go to a tupperware convention, and face down--I can't spell its name. Just know that he's a Hispanic alien villain.
The Pie Lord The Seventh Doctor and Ace face off against the Pie Lord inside a pyramid.

Possible Future Stories

The Curious Case Of Toby Jones - A story with the Eighth and Twelfth Doctors facing off against the Dream Lord. Some say this is the point where small beginnings jumped the shark. We'll see. Latest news from Nov. 16th was this audio had been recorded and was being edited together.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine - The Ninth Doctor and Rowse Toylah enjoy Christmas together.

Gateway - Story's unknown at this point, but it seems to involve the 12th Doctor dealing with a singularity on an asteroid.

December 20th 2014 Update

As of midnight on the 19th, it appears that Small Beginnings has mysteriously vanished from the face of the intertubes with all hands lost.  Our search-engine queries have all returned 404 but for a scrap of Tumblr blogging, reproduced below.  The /who/ wiki mourns their passing and our collective loss of their monumental talents - If only their /who/-related endeavors had been built upon the same solid foundation of intrepid fortitude and rugged stamina as was our wiki! - Editors

(Nov 23rd)  Little headway has been made this week, but we remain in good spirits regardless, or at least the others appear so.  I myself find unbidden doubts lurking at the edges of mind when I stare out across these desolate lands known by the mongrel local peoples as "The Vocaroo Wastes", and already feeling a sense of palpable dread that our project’s Audacity if not the fine vessel “Small Beginnings” itself may find itself lost upon by them like a ship in the Northern sea ices in December.  I’ve managed to keep the worst of these morbid predilections at bay and my spirits up with a daily dose Fivey; more and more it becomes apparent that Adric has been most unfairly disparaged by the tread of history and /who/.  We still hope for an early December release for “The Curious Case Of Toby Jones’ Locker.”

(Nov 29th)  A disturbing day.  Our Eccleston voice actor tossing about in his sleep began to sing in a manner most terrifying, using words that twisted in his throat as if finding themselves inside a human’s for the first time.  My hand shaking, I carefully noted down the bizarre tangles of sound that we might use them for an "alien language scene" later, and shall reproduce them here for those who may wish to read on about our explorations into Doctor Who audio creation:

Klokleda partha menin klatch,

haroon haroon haroon!

Klokleda sheenah tierra natch,

haroon haroon haroon!

Haroon haroon haroon!

The poor soul awoke screaming at that last accursed haroon.  We took some cares to calm him down and afterwards, still visibly shaken, he told us that he had dreamt of nightmarish non-Euclidean spaces where tall blue boxes that were impossibly bigger on the inside than out tumbled into one another while his own voice sang a song that asked he “close your eyes, my darling, (well, three of them at least)”, a horrifying revelation that shook us all.  Worse yet, upon hearing this, the Anonymous doing our Rose voice acting, a real girl, raised her head, howled badly like a wolf then threw herself overboard as we always feared she would, leaving us bereft of any convincing female to play any such role.  Once better recovered some hours later from his restless dreaming (thanks to a genial Troughton episode), our Eccleston voice actor expressed a shadow of his former unwavering sense of can-do by stating he’d probably be up to that challenge after a better night’s rest, but I have my doubts.  Our chances of releasing “The Strange Case Of Toby Jones’ Locker” before Christmas now seem bleak.  

(Dec 3rd)  Down to our last handful of jelly babies.  Our editor has now vanished without a trace three days ago after claiming about half of the project had been successfully spliced together, presumably having been attacked and eaten by one of the many dangerous and wild animals which populate this barren schedule for completing our work.  Our Eccleston voice actor has been passing in and out lucidity and inow expresses great interest in voicing "Peri" for our next production while perusing online catalogs for “just the right skirt.”  The Anonymous on /who/ have yet to send any help or sign of rescue.  Madness.

(Dec 11th)  The mind of our Eccleston voice actor appeared to become permanently added yesterday when he began to babble, repeating that “Doctor Who is just a children’s show” in words and phrases I dare not set down even here, lest they be read by and infect more of the Small Beginnings’ crew or any member of our deluded race whatsoever.  An hour later he confusedly spoke of sitting down to watch something “not shit, like maybe a chick-flick” and he seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth afterwards, for we have not laid eyes on him since.  Three hours later that, our alarm at his absence growing, we sent him a text and read with great terror the reply message which came back in blood-curdling all-caps: “YOU FOOL, ECCLESTON IS DEAD!”  Our profound panic prevents us from attempting another message and he hasn’t returned.   My fear for his life as I set these words down has now passed into a morose acceptance of yet another dreary loss for The Small Beginnings crew, for my misgivings tell me that we may never see his like again. He was fantastic.

(Dec 16th, or perhaps the 18th?) I no longer remember: Was the third rule of SPLINK “look all round for traffic” or “listen all round for traffic coming?”  These dismaying memory lapses these past few days terrorize my every waking hour and devour what remaining hope I may have clung to for the future of The Small Beginnings.   Meanwhile, our pleas for understanding and patience on /who/ are daily met with silence but for the occasional Orson Welles image macro.  Sometimes I really hate those goddamn fuckers.  I fear this is to be Small Beginning’s big finish and the this may be our Last Christmas…  

(blog ends)