Sleep No More

Sleep No More
"So they just post rambling garbage about me all day, and then they put it all on a website to collect it?""I know, these are some sick, sick people."
"So they just post rambling garbage about me all day, and then they put it all on a website to collect it?"
"I know, these are some sick, sick people."
Season: 9
Episode: 9
Vital statistics
Air date 14 November 2015
Written by A base under siege horror story that failed miserably? Guess.
Directed by Justin Molotnikov
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The Zygon Inversion Face the Benefactors
You must not watch this.
— Official statement from the BBC before the episode aired
Remarkably, his waste of a role as Patrick Troughton in An Adventure in Space and Time is no longer his worst part in Doctor Who.
Gatiss is proud of his contribution to Doctor Who

Sleep No More is the 9th episode of series 9, and is a found footage horror story and shameless Ghostwatch ripoff by Mark Gatiss. It stars Pancakes as the plucky final girl and Anthony Bourdain as the Doctor.

At least he tried something new. New for him, anyway.

Unfortunately it's the only Twelfth Doctor episode that's canon. On the bright side it's also the only Mark Gatiss script that's canon.

Doctor Who and the Eye Boogers

One might give out some cleverness points for the bit where Reece Shearsmith comes on at the end to explain that the reason the entire episode has made no bloody sense is because of his diabolical plan, but at the end of the day you've still spent 45 minutes watching an episode that makes no bloody sense.
— Some fellow commenting in Phil Sandifer's blog

The episode opens with a guy telling us to not watch it. Ostensibly it's sort of ironic reverse psychology, but I think it's a cry for help. Have you ever, after gutting a hooker in the back alley sent a taunting letter to police, hoping they trace it and give you a needle so Satan won't tell you what to do no more? That's what Mark is doing here.

Now, why eye boogers though? I mean, sure, alien signal that turn people into dust is all fine and good, but how is this connected to accelerated sleep? You still get as much sleep, so whatever crawl from out of you at night, it should not increase gross output? Intensity maybe, but when you wake up, you should not have any more, because you didn't get more sleep. This somehow makes even less sense than Doc's deductions in Kill the Moon. And since it was the Doctor's deduction, it's hard to brush it away as a red herring. It did make sense to him, somehow. It did make sense to Mark Gatiss.

Finally, I would like to commend the episode for casting first ever transgendered person on the show in a role of subhuman freak. This is bravery unheard in modern age.


The Ring in Space is a good name! Like the Ark in Space. I’ve got a good idea. Pleasing my inner fan, the idea of doing a pairing, like the Yeti stories, is rather lovely. It pleases my Doctor Who self.
Mark Gatiss announces his bid for showrunner

Don't you dare, Gatiss, don't you fucking dare.

Mark Gatiss recently announced his planned sequel for series 10 Cum No More, set in a time where humanity has created pods that can recharge your sperm after ejaculation, and the Doctor must fight off the dreaded Cheese Men.

Ironically Moffatt actually wants him to do a sequel to the episode

Behind the Scenes

According to reputable sources, the origins of this episode's creation went something like this:

Gatiss: hey Moff what kind of episode you want for series 9
Moff: just make a total dogshit episode like you usually do except add an awful nausea-inducing gimmick
Gatiss: sleep no more fam