Silver Nemesis

Silver Meme Assist
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Season: 25
Episode: 3
Vital statistics
Air date 23 November - 7 December 1988
Written by Kevin Clarke
Directed by Chris Clough
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Shitty Memesis was the 3rd story of Season 25 and starred Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith as the Seventh Doctor and HNNNNNNNG as Ace.



In 1988 Doctor Who turned 25. What way to better celebrate the "silver" anniversary than with a clusterfuck of a story with some Cybermen thrown in? (Get it? Because they're silver?) BRAVO JNT.


The Doctor and Ace arrive in England in 1988 where three rival groups - the Cybermen, a group of Neo-Nazis and a 17th-century sorceress named Lady Peinforte - are trying to find a statue made of living metal that Rassilon created as an "ultimate defence" for Gallifrey.

Basically the Doctor plays them all off against each other (insert Le Chessmaster memes here) and they all get BTFO. Ace gets to blow shit up with Nitro-9 and Lady Peinforte seems to know who the Doctor really is - ie. The Other, God, Jesus Christ, whatever.


Nicholas Courtney (The Brig) makes a cameo appearance as a bloke wandering around Windsor Castle.


It's a bit all over the place but it has its moments. Then again I haven't seen it in about 400 years so what would I know.

Hell it might even be comfy in the same way that Time-Flight is (ie. the story sucks donkey dicks but there's still something watchable about it.) Probably not though.