This man makes women erect.
i'll hook u in the gabber squire
An average episode.

Sherlock is another TV show that tumblr just can't get enough of. It is also showruined by Steven Morefat.


The fact that Moffat runs this and the fact that Bentdick Cuminbitch stars as Sherlock Holmes in this has caused great confusion amongst the tumblr hordes as they were not sure whether they should hate the show or love it. This lead to mass suicides on tumblr as many would rather choose death than live in a world where they had to choose between getting wet over a show and writing angry blogposts about it. Now all that remains on tumblr are those who outright despise the show and those who cum at the mere mention of its name.

Also, is apparently a member of tumblr's Holy Trinity of Trash, along with some cheap-ass Murrican show about dorks fighting spooky shit and of course Doctor Who, though mostly NuWho (specifically Footface's era). The unholy trinity is better known by its name as given in the book of revelation: Superwholock.


It's a shitty show through and through, it's just ruining Sherlock Holmes. Poor Arthur Conan Doyle's spinning in his grave.

Ayy the first two series were alright. It's a bit memey but reasonably entertaining. There's even some good bits in 3, it just gets fucked in the arse bogged down by fan service.

The New Years special was so bad it gave me chlamydia mixed with cyber aids.

The whole series is proof that Muffman can do something that looks like decent when he's not writing an original story and is using someone else's great writing. Though the season 4 finale is proof that he can ruin everything in one swift (not bloody likely for him) move.


>Tfw if RTD hadn't been retarded Eccleston would've stayed
>His gormless face and Northern accent would've kept tumblrina's far the fuck away
>Thus Doctor Who would not be classed in the same league as shite like Sherlock and Supernatural

Feels bad man.

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