Series 17

Season 43 (WHO THE FUCK CALLS THIS Series 17) will, with any luck, be the final series of Doctor Who. And I say that as a fan!


>tfw it's about to get Chibby in this Hibby

Peter Capaldi was happily in charge of a new Golden Age of the show, and ratings were at an all-time high. However, all this was to change. Suddenly and terribly, Capaldi faced his most dangerous crisis in his long tenure. It turned out that Chris Chibnall had survived Capaldi and Varg's attempt on his life through clever use of an advanced android duplicate. Capaldi and Varg were then fucking kill by Chibnall, who promptly took back control of the show. His first act as showruiner was to Erase Capaldi's entire era, bringing back the Thirteenth Doctor, and returning the writing to his signature style. He also hired Matthew Graham as co-showruiner. Chibnall was unable to defeat Capaldi's co-showruiner the ghost of Douglas Adams, due to Carnacki the Ghost Finder being busy with Briggs Finish, and the Ghostbusters being busy getting cucked. However, Adams agreed to willingly step down from the position, on the grounds that he was able to write yet another version of Shada whose script Chibnall was not allowed to edit, as well as that Chibnall called this Series 17, instead of restarting the count from Series 14, because it reminded him of MUH SEASON 17. Chibnall reluctantly agreed to both conditions.


Episode Title Written by Description
The Two Penguins Chris Chibnall & Matthew Graham Etheric Beam Locators reunites with Penguin with his arse on fire and the best companion to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Revenge of Meven Stoffat Chris Chibnall, Steven Moffat, Russell T. Davies, Geoffrey Sax, Andrew Cartmel, Eric Saward, John Nathan-Turner, Douglas Adams, Graham Williams, Philip Hinchcliffe, Barry Letts, Peter Bryant, Innes Lloyd, Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman Meven Stoffat allies himself with Chis Cribnall to launch a full-scale attack on the Canon.
SUSAN FINALLY RETURNS Chris Chibnall & Matthew Graham Susan doesn't return
The Cosby Invasion of Earth Mark Gatiss, Marc Platt & Marcelo Camargo The long-awaited sequel to A Fix with Sontarans.
Shada Douglas Adams Because there aren't enough versions already...
The End of Doctor Who The BBC The show is finally put out of its misery.

Here are ya fucking images leaked from the future:

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