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Season 37
Chibby Nibbles, the first NuWho showruiner to get dubs.
Chibby Nibbles, the first NuWho showruiner to get dubs.
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Began Oct 7, 2018
Ended 2018 cancellation
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For those who prefer it to be like muh classic hoo (minus the Big Black Cucks logo)
It's like Fivey's harem, but with the genders reversed.

Series Dubs (also known as Series 11, Series Eleveninch or Season 37 if you hate dubs) is the upcoming eleventh series of Doctor Who. It will be the first series under the control of new showruiner Slippery Nips and the debut of the Thirteenth Doctor aka The Woman One. It's expected to be entirely non-canon.


In January 2016 the BBC announced the 2016 hiatus and that Morefun would be stepping down after Series 10 to make way for The Chibmaster.

Of course /who/ already knew all this and had in fact inadvertently manifested these events into reality using meme magic.


No more Capaldi after 2017 Christmas Special confirmed. Obviously he knows about the Three Seasons Curse. Perhaps the Ghost of Troughton got in touch with him to remind him. Anyway, Capaldi bows out with Moff and we get Jodie Shit-Taker as the Thirteenth Doctor for Series Dubs.


One flustered night, Chibs was feeling a bit lonely while writing the scripts for Series 11 so he said "Fuck it, Lonely No More" and called up the BBC and told them to cast a woman as The Doctor. Now Chibs spends his days trying to be a ladies man on set but to no avail. Last time he tried that in Cyberwoman it didn't work too well for the script. Hopefully he's not using his dick to write them this time around.


Kek it's true, Bradley Walsh is a companion.

Also a black guy who's not Mickey and some chick off Hollyoaks.


Series Dubs premiered in 2018. DIAMOND AGE, GET HYPE. It's either that or the end.

The release date got confirmed as October 7th. A FUCKING SUNDAY. OH NO NO NO.


It was fucking awful. Maybe even worse than Series 2. Bring back Moffat. after a Polite conversation with immigrant, i have changed my mind of my own free wiLl. sEries 11 wAs the beSt, bEtter tHan sEries 9. i Love the series and am Proud to call MysElf a fan.

Why, you need only look below to all the valid links to see how much we love series 11!

Non-canon episodes

Episode Title Written by Description
The Woman Who Fell to Earth Chris Chibnall The Big D hits the deck at lightning speed and blows up Tim Shaw with Knife Crime.
The Ghost Monument Chris Chibnall The Doctor must unravel the terrible mystery at the heart of everything: Who are Angstrom and Epzo?
Rosa Malorie Blackman & Chris Chibnall The Doctor travels back in time and meets Rosa Parks, but a C O S M I C R A C I S T is trying to prevent the end of segeregation, and the Doctor and pals must save history. No, seriously, that's the actual plot. Chibnall couldn't resist forcing some stupid fucking alien plot into this one (and, let's face it, we all know it WAS his idea and not Malorie's).
Arachnids in the UK (yes, that is the actual title) Chris Chibnall Sheffield is invaded by an army of... SPIDLERS! 2SPOOK/10

seriously what was the point of this episode? the doctor did literally nothing other than open one door and complain for no reason. THEY'RE FUCKIGN MUTANT SPIDERS KILLING PEOPLE JUST KILL THEM.

The Tsuranga Conundrum Chris Chibnall The one with Mpreg. Yes, really. Also Stitch. Oh, and a noticeable lack of conundrums.
Demons of the Punjab Based Vinay Patel The Doctor and pals go to see Yas' Gran when she was young, during the India-Pakistan partition. Graham finally actually talks to Yas. The 'demons' end up being good guys, who just like watching people die. In a good way.
Kerblam! Pete McTighe A creepy-ass robot delivers The Doctor a package, leading her and the gang to the planet of the greenscreens, in a space-Walmart warehouse. Either digusting Neoliberal Capitalist Bougie proganda or the GOATest of all GOATs, depending on /who/ you ask.
The Witchfinders Joy Wilkinson The Doctor is burnt at the stake for being a witch. Floop from Spy Kids is the King of England.
It Takes You Away Ed Hime Set in Norway, Kino.
The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos Chris Chibbles The Doctor goes to Gravel Quarry Planet #1342. The episode title is stupid, and it's written by Chibbers, so it's gonna be shit IT WAS.
Resolution Crispy Chibby The Christmas New Years Special for 201819, Resolution reintroduces the most iconic foe of the Doctor's for a new generation of viewers!

Canon episodes

Episode Title Written by Description
The Doctor has lost her UNIT Jodie Whittaker The Doctor battles rape culture at UNIT HQ and fights with the straight white male grandson of the Brigadier!
Revenge Of The Slitheen (not that one) Chris Chibnall The Slitheen Return and take over parliament causing havoc across the nation... Fart jokes everywhere.
32 Chris Chibnall It's like 42 except 32.
The Valeyard Pip and Jane Baker Pip and Jane baker return from the dead to write the return of the Valeyard.
Daleks in Long Island Helen Raynor Sequel to Daleks in Manhattan except this time they're taking over Long Island.
The Cyberman Invasion of Ireland Ryan Reynolds The Cybermen invade Ireland to look for Gallifrey oh and Deadpool and Wolverine appear and fight the Cybermen for some reason.
Attack of the Lazarus Stephen Greenhorn Sequel to The Lazarus Experiment. Lazarus comes back from the dead and plans to get his revenge. Mark Gatiss reprises his role as Lazarus.
Fear Her Again Matthew Graham Set 10 years after the events of Fear Her. Chloe Webber, now an adult, reunites with The Doctor to fight her father once again.
Fer Her Yet Again Matthew Graham Part 2 of Matthew Grahams epic Fear Her Sequel.
Return to Return to Telos Nicholas Briggs and Steven Moffat Etheric Beam Locators travels back to when the Scarfie travelled back to when the Cosmic Hobo was investigating the tomb of the Cybermen, so that she can stop time travelling Cybermen from trying to stop the Fourth Doctor from trying to stop time travelling Cybermen who are trying to stop him.
No More Sleep Mark Gatiss Gatiss finally gets to write his sequel to the (s)hit episode Sleep No More
Taren Capel: Origins Stephen Thompson The episode Moffat didn't want you to see. The Chibnall era brings new life to this previously rejected pitch for a The Robots of Death prequel.
Space Jam 2 Neil Gaiman The Doctor gets sucked into a cartoon world while playing a game of Golf. Michael Jordan cameos.
Abzorbaloff Returns Russell T. Davies Russell T. Davies returns to write a sequel to his beloved hit episode Love & Monsters. Peter Kay also returns as the delightfully creepy Abzorbaloff.
The Girl in the Fireplace Steven Moffat & Chris Chibnall Chris Chibnall ran out of ideas, so he rereleased "The Girl in the Fireplace" with Jodie's head superimposed onto Tennant's.
Time Is Beginning Chris Chibnall The Graske plan to take over London and use the humans as slaves.
The End Has Come Chris Chibnall & Russell T. Davies The epic finale to Series 11. Chris Chibnall and Russell T. Davies write what they described as "The ultimate fan pleasing episode" Adipose, Ood, Slitheen, Abzorbaloff, and the Shakri all return in the climactic, epic finale.

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