Sammi Carter

One eye on the BBC Video Archival offices, and one eye on the bitches.

Sammi Carter is a YouTuber, reviewer and 'singer', who has been in an online feud with Matrixlord for almost three years. (Honestly, they're like Ian Levine and Phil PHUCKING Morris). He looks like a giant bear/jelly-baby hybrid made of marshmallows.

He rose to fame in 2013, with a series of quite frankly inane videos centered around the missing episodes saga. In these videos, which were made on an almost daily basis, Sammi would rant into the camera about how despicable the BBC were for "holding back" the release of missing episodes that were destroyed nearly fifty-years prior. These accusations of the BBC scheming against the fans have made Sammi appear even more insane than Alex Jones . He once did a live, six hour podcast where he talked about the Doctor Who world tour.

In an even more hilarious turn of events, Sammi claimed that the conflict in the Middle East was due Syria refusing to hand over a film can containing The Power of the Daleks.

Sammi is still a popular meme on /who/ (there's a really sexy gif of him).