Ryan Sinclair

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Ryan Sinclair, don't you dare
Throw that bike that you dislike
Into that tree, while shouting "REEEE"
He's the tallest in the picture, and the blackest.
He's the tallest in the picture, and the blackest.
Vital statistics
Played by Tosin Cole
Years active 2018 onwards, maybe
Travelled with Thirteenth Doctor
First story The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Last story We'll see
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Graham Yasmin

Dr. Ryan Sinclair, is one of Thirteen's new manslaves companions in Series Dabs. He holds a degree in biology, allowing him to identify alien organs on sight such as the "tewng".

He loves chips and his mobile phone.

We've seen a whole episode about him and we still know nothing about him (except that he's a "smart boy" and loves chips) but ayyy get hype.


Ryan's a "character" in the sense that he has a trauma (Dyspraxia and Grace's death) and an interest (youtube and vidya). Sadly, aside from that he and Yaz adhere utterly to Moffat's description of "exposition and comic relief" as genders.