Revelation of the Daleks

Revelation of the Daleks
A more accurate DVD cover.
A more accurate DVD cover.
Season: 22
Episode: 12
Vital statistics
Air date 23 - 30 March 1985
Written by Eric Saward
Directed by Graeme Harper
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The statue predicted Colin's hair expanding by 2000%.

Mission to the Unknown 2, known non-canonically as Revelation of the Daleks, is the final story of Season 22 starring Terry Molloy as Davros and some guy as a pervy rapist. Some people claim that the story also features Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant as the Doctor and Peri, but this has never actually been proven by any scientific study.


Davros somehow survived spewing white goo all over the place and ended up on the planet Necros where he became head of a funeral home. He turned the bodies of high intelligence (because you can determine the intelligence of an insentient corpse, right? Well, actually, they aren't dead, they're in stasis waiting to have their diseases cured and be awoken. I know, the story is not as clear about this as it should be) into glass Daleks (because that's definitely not a shatter risk, right?), while turning the bodies of low intelligence into food to feed the galaxy and earn the trust of the dumb hoomans. Eventually the Supreme's squad turns up and arrests the motherfucker for creating impure Daleks, the end. No seriously, that's the basic plot.

You may notice that the Doctor isn't mentioned in the above synopsis at all. That's because he does absolutely fuck all in this story because Eric Saward disliked Colin Baker and decided to write him shit for the lulz (he even wrote a portion where Colin says he's not the Doctor. Gee, passive agressive much?). All the Doctor does in this is get squashed by a statue of himself and promise to take Peri to B-

The only other thing of significance in the entire story is that some chick who was clearly the basis for Tasha Lem years later sets a famous assassin on Davros to kill his ass and fails. Everything else is a bunch of unengaging plot threads about a couple grave robbers searching for some old fart's body, a poorly acted fat hoe friendzoned by the pretty rapey head of the funeral home, and a shitty DJ.


Easily the weakest of the 80s Dalek Civil War trilogy. Officially better than Dimensions in Time, though.

Still a better impression of Lovecraft than The Power of Kroll. Lovecraft rarely actually wrote about evil gods. He mostly wrote about bizarre aliens and humans turning into monsters, the latter of which is quite prominent in this story.

If you like the DJ, are afraid he's Ian Levine, and suddenly felt guilty for liking him, don't worry - he's an Ian Levine tribute, but he's not played by Ian Levine himself. He's played by Alexei Sayle.