Resurrection of the Daleks

Resurrection of the Daleks
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Season: 21
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 8 - 15 February 1984
Written by Eric Saward
Directed by Matthew Robinson
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Frontios Planet of Fire
The acting: it's as bad as it looks.
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Resurrection of the Daleks was the fourth story of Season 21 and the first story to feature the Daleks (ahem, PROPERLY) in five years. Cor, what I would give to have a break half as long as that between Dalek stories in NuWho. It marked the return of Davros and the beginning of the Dalek Civil War trilogy in the 80s that I'm sure no one except hardcore fanboys even understood what the fuck was going on.


Erm... shit, what's going on during this story again? There seems to be a bunch of different plot threads going on that somehow all tie in together as one narrative, but I'd be fucked if I could understand the story as a whole.

So, the Daleks attack a cargo ship thing where Davros has been in stasis for a century because they need his help in curing a virus the Movellans developed (because everyone remembers the Movellans, amirite?), but Davros is triggered because they had the audacity to do the smart thing and elect a new leader to command them during the time their creator had remained lost and dormant. So he wants to use the Movellan virus to kill off the Daleks and make new ones... I think. Meanwhile, the Supreme Dalek wants to create duplicates of the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough and send them to Gallifrey to 360 no scope the members of the High Council because reasons. Also there's some policemen who are apparently working for the Daleks but are also working for the Cybermen I think, I'm not sure it's never really explained. Also Lytton. Also we follow around this spaceship crew as they all get killed off one by one by the Daleks and their agents (though why would the Daleks employ human agents to begin with if their ideology is all about purity?), as well as some people digging for Movellan bombs in an abandoned warehouse. See, there are threads tying this whole thing together but the plot never even manages to come anywhere close to coherency.

Trivia n shit

Ah, the debut of based Terry Molloy as Davros; the best Davros I daresay, fite me m8s.

There's a sequence towards the end of the story where the Doctor is having his mind scanned for his duplicate and we get a flashback of "all" his companions on a TV screen for some reason.

This story apparently has the highest kill count of the entire Classic Series, although most of it feels pointless and all of it is terribly acted. Tegan stops travelling with the Doctor because of this... the bad acting I mean, not the amount of death.

If you've watched this one enough times to figure it out, it's time to go listen to the three audio stories Big Finish added to this trilogy. They each take place right after this one so all of them come before the other two. One of them has Mechonoids in, for those who didn't think the Movellans were obscure enough to bring back.


There is one aspect that Classic Who stories usually suck at that this story does remarkably well, and that's the production values. Seriously, the Daleks, the model shots, Davros, the sets, the props, the costumes, etc. are all sexy af in this thing. The only thing that doesn't look very good is the Dalek extermination rays. As a whole though... Eh, it OK. It's just a shame the plot is a complete shambles and there doesn't seem to be a proper focus.

Ah well, at least the Doctor's actually in the fucking thing.