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Literally Reddit: The Wiki Page.

Reddit is where we all need to go back to.

You can find their tragically wrong opinions on /r/DoctorWho and /r/Gallifrey.

And by popular demand, there's now /r/DoctorWhoGeneral.


Like a turd floating swiftly up from the depths, occasionally evidence will arise of /who/-Reddit crossposting. This is invariably a source of chagrin for any /who/res who didn't want to take part in a poo-dodging contest today.

And then sometimes it won't be 'evidence' so much as an entire fucking crime scene.

People who are literally Reddit

Oh how the tables have turned...
Reddit's commentary on /tv/, for perspective.

People who are unironically literally Reddit (a.k.a. notable redditors)

  • N8 (or /u/wtfbbc as he's known over there)
  • LegoK9
  • Morhek
  • Cats12 has a Reddit account called /u/TNilso (No, really).
  • FNA has one too. He linked the wiki once.
  • Azeottaff
  • Overlord
  • Lolsuphelm, EAT—THE—RICH (whose account is now deleted, RIP), and My3rdedditAcct (whose account is also now deleted, F it’s back now, was only suspended temporarily), /who/ever they may be, are Redditors who have referenced /who/
  • Neo is believed to have a super sikrit Reddit account, but the account has not yet been found