Radio Free Who


95.5 the Myrka (also known as Radio Free /who/) is a radio station that broadcasts across the FuckOfferino channel, /who/'s premiere Doctor Who stream.


Its broadcast time isn't set in stone, although it usually ends up airing during the late night to early morning, roughly around 4am-11am EST. Described by its listeners as "hella comfy tbh", Radio Free /who/ is a cozy night time getaway, where listeners can sit back, relax, and listen to a lovely selection of /who/gaze songs. The playlist is ever growing, kept alive by the contributions of its listeners: everyone currently listening is allowed to add music, and all genres and varieties of music are accepted. No one will judge you, unless you're a dirty fucking skipper or you play some garbage anime bullshit. Radio Free /who/ is a comfy place where everyone is someone, even if that someone is an autistic shut-in NEET who spends his night talking to random losers on the internet and listening to stupid meme songs.


/who/gaze is a massive umbrella genre of music, encompassing many different varied subgenres, although mostly it's just weebshit or dank memesongs. It is the name given to the massive playlist that is listened to during each and every /who/gaze.