Vital statistics
Range Special Releases
Release number N/A
Release date August 2014
Writer Jonathan Morris
Doctor Fifth Doctor
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N/A Iterations of I
Psychodrome clean.jpg

Psychodrome is a special Big Fig ear play set immediately after the events of Castrated Vulva. It stars Peter "I don't want a female Doctor" Davison as Based Fivey, Sarah "I'm in every Davison audio ever" Sutton as the Kipper from Traken, Janet "I'm pissed at Peter because he doesn't want a female Doctor but I'm still his best bud ever" Fielding as Teagun Wanking, and - for the first audio play ever - Matthew Waterhouse (no not that one) returning as Subtractdric.


Soooooo, y'know how the Season 19 TARDIS crew were a fucking shambles, with the three companions constantly making each other feel redundant and Fivey starting off as rather pathetic and weak in comparison to Scarfy? Well, Based Jonny sought out to fix all of that. This story carefully considers all four of the main characters' recent experiences and how they all feel about each other (or rather, how they would feel if the JNT era bothered to characterize them properly), and puts them all through a Mind Robber/Castrovalva/Amy's Choice-like scenario that emphasizes their deepest fears, their sorrows, their views of each other, to boost their character development from 0 to, like, a billion. Seriously, this needs to be seen heard to be believed, but it manages to turn one of the worst TARDIS crews into an actually passable, tolerable one... at least, for a single four part adventure.

I hereby decree that it is the only canon Adric story.


Um, can't you read?