Planet Mondas

You're most likely looking for the actual planet Mondas, not some sad forum.

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Plonet Mandos is a forum that claims to support "Free speech for Doctor Who fans", a phrase which should tell you a great deal about their persecution complex. It is full of sad old people and loads of massive cunts who hate New Who.


Planet Mondas was created in 1855 as an online discussion forum for the TV show Doctor Who. Because neither the internet nor television existed at the time, it was not very popular. In it's first 130 or so years the forum gathered only 70 users. Once the World Wide Web was introduced, this number began to increase, but the new users have never outnumbered those who joined the "pre-internet Mondas", as it is fondly called by those old enough to remember it. These users who reminisce about such days are very elderly (often 100+) and therefore they have long since lost any tolerance or kindness left in them. With nothing better to do, they spend their days complaining about New Who and anything else modern enough to scare them.

On 22 November 2016, Planet Mondas was wiped from the canon by Philip Morris AKA Wayne Gibbous. It is widely believed that Wayne decided to DDos Planet Mondas as a result of him being given a 7-day ban for pissing on a ginger cat. The RSPCA were subsequently informed, and Wayne was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and sexually assaulting a film can containing The Wheel in Space Part 1.

On 3 December 2016, Planet Mondas was once again wiped from the canon. We're not too sure who did it this time - but we're working under the assumption Ford pissed on the servers in Dublin. As a result, there was an influx of mass immigration to Gallifrey Base. However, Gallifrey Base deployed their border patrol and a number of Planet Mondas users were shot on sight for 'having a sense of humour'. The few who survived the 'Great Purge' were never the same again...

The forum returned briefly for a cameo appearance on 10 December 2016, however lo and behold, it went down again on the 12th December. Honestly? It's anyone's guess what happened this time. 'Twas probably that damn Omni-Pigeon...

Leadership Changes

In January 2017, Planet Mondas owner Mike Nuttall stepped down from the role and handed control of the site over to a ginger cat. FordTimeLord and Wayne Gibbous were both banned, as apparently they are the same person. Who knew?


  • The forum has a swear filter to prevent any of the fragile elderly users from being offended.
  • Forum user FordTimeLord was born with the inability to tell the difference between his arsehole and his elbow. He's also the biggest cunt the forum has to offer.
  • It is common knowledge that all 5437 users of Planet Mondas are Philip Morris sockpuppets. About 27 of them are Ian Levine, who stole the account passwords while he was giving Morris a quickie under the desk.
  • Despite them usually hating on the new episodes, a majority of the users on the forum rated World Enough and Time very highly. I wonder why.
  • They recently employed a bee to moderate the forums.