Figure 1: An auton duplicate of Mickey, a dark reflection of a dark complexion, calls out repeatedly for pizza.
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...
Pizza time.

It's 2005, and Mickey Smith is yelling about PUH-PUH-PIZZA.


What is a pizza? A circular food. By ingesting its circularity we gain sustenance, but first it must be cut into slices. In this way the pizza serves as a metaphor for recurring narrative structures in television.


Pineapple on pizza is a brilliant form of narrative collapse - pineapple's acidity can break down human flesh. When you eat a pineapple, it eats you back. Ergo, pineapple on a pizza (most commonly paired with that most capitalist of beasts, a pig) is a Qlippothic reflection of the eater of the pizza itself.