Pete was the 2nd most noble companion of them all (second only to Handles), until he stepped on a butterfly and inadvertently resulted in his grandparents turning gay.


You remember the Leaf? It's like that, only the other way around.

Behind the Scenes

An incident on the set of Smile sealed Pete's fate.

It's rumored that the actor playing Pete was let go after only three episodes due to confusion arising on the set due to directors referring to him by his character's name. Capaldino, being supreme commander of the program, ordered that either they change the character's name or fire him. As two episodes were already in the can, Moffat saw no alternative but to fire Pete and hastily write him out of Thin Ice.

In actual fact, the reasons for Pete's erasure were more sinister than we could have ever imagined (pic related).

But seriously...

You just know they're gonna actually do this shit in Big Finish, man. And he'll be played by the same actor that plays everyone for them because of course he would be.