Peri Brown.png
Vital statistics
Played by Nicola Bryant
Years active 1984 - 1986
Travelled with Fifth Doctor & Sixth Doctor
First story Planet of Fire
Last story Mindwarp
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Kamelion Egyptian lover

PeriperiSauce Brown aka. "Peri" (played by Nicola Bryant) was the rather pleasant-to-look-at companion of the Fifth and Sixth Doctor's.


Peri first appears in 1984's Planet of Fire and dies in 1986's Mindwarp. SPOILERS.

She also appears at the end of The Ultimate Foe thanks to JNT and some stock footage.


Peri brought two good things to her role as the companion in the 80s, neither of which were her “American” accent nor her whiny personality.

She later married Brian Blessed - well either that or died, depending on which The Trial of a Pie Lord ending you consider to be more canon.


Listen to Peri and the Piscon Paradox pleb, because she makes a good go of things over on the audios. Also true of the Sixth Doctor. According to some guy.

[edit; I can confirm. It has Peri mockingly imitating the Fifth Doctor and it has based Colin Baker getting irritated by him. Lulz were had. Also feelz.]

Only downside is the medium doesn't allow you to see her tatas, ergo making the claim that she's better in the audios moot.


Peri's era frequently suffered from shitty writing but she was always delicious to look at (and hey at least she got to be in Androzani). Also Nicola Bryant is based (and still smoking hot.)

Rape attempts

Apparently the entire universe was so enthralled by that cleavage that literally every character wanted to grope them, even without permission. Literally the only character who was repulsed by the idea was Sil.

Planet of Fire

  • Turlough - Brought her in the TARDIS, then forcibly inserted a dildo she had in her bag.
  • Uncle Howard - That sleep talk about Howard turning out the light... ohhh, so uncomfortable...
  • The Mattress/Kamelion - Chased her halfway across a desert and demanded something that she didn't want him to have.

The Caves of Androzani

  • Sharaz Jek - Loved creepily touching her up and being uncomfortably close to her as she was dying.
  • Fifth Doctor - Poured some white "jackage" liquid down her throat while she was unconscious.

The Twin Dilemma

  • Sixth Doctor - After regenerating, he warmly greeted her with a strangling. He claims he thinks she's an alien spy, but we all know he was just feeling horny and wanted to try out his newfound choke fetish.
  • Mestor - He found her "pleasing". Nuff said.

Attack of the Cybermen

  • Rogue Cyberman - Grabbed her through the window of a Cyber tomb and tried pulling her in.
  • The Cryons - I mean, they were touchy-feely with everyone, but it still counts.

The Mark of the Rani

  • Luke - After getting turned into a tree, he grabbed her around the chest with his branches.
  • The Rani - Roofied her. We may never know what occured while she was unconscious.

The Two Doctors

  • Jamie - Violently pinned her to the ground after being stuck on a spaceship for a long time with no pussy.
  • Shockeye - Chased her through a field until she fell over, then pinned her down and creepily muttered how she was his "pretty one" before knocking her out.


  • The Borad - The most infamous one. Wanted her to be a Fiona to his Shrek.

Revelation of the Daleks

  • Jobel - Tried groping her many times while being creepily poetic about her appearance.
  • Davros - While he never vocally expressed any interest in her tatas, his hand was shot off as he was reaching in their general direction.


  • Sixth Doctor AGAIN - Why do you think he chained her to those rocks?
  • Kiv - Literally went inside her while she was literally not conscious.