Penny Carter

Penny, demonstrating my reaction to finding this shit out.
The sheer horror this page invokes...
The final canon character.

Penny Carter is a companion of the Teninch who never was. She is arguably an even worse aborted Who concept than the American Leakly Bible series.

She was detailed in RTD's book The Writer's Tale as a 30-something northerner journalist whom the Doctor was supposed to have a romantic relationship with. Ultimately though, the character was scrapped, mostly due to Catherine Tate expressing a desire to return as Donna, though I'd wager that RTD also knew what a fucking horrible idea this whole fiasco would've been after the excruciating romance elements of the previous two series and decided to show mercy on us.

If Penny had made it to production, she would undoubtedly have become the most hated companion ever because of Tumblr fans screaming "BUT HE LOVES MUH ROSE REEEEEEEEE" and NuWho haters sneering at how the Doctor is in love with someone... again...