Partners in Crime

I'm waving at fat.

Partners in Crime
Donna returns.
Donna returns.
Season: 4
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 5 April 2008
Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by James Strong
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Nightmare fuel.
Sonic time.

Partners in Crime is the first episode of Series 4 of the British cooking show Doctor Waffles. It's written by RTD and reintroduces Catty Tate as I bet you guys like Donna too (seen previously in The Runaway Bride.)


Has the Doctor finally met his match? No, not Donna - the terrifying Adipose (children created from fat siphoned out of Colin Baker's arse). They all get away at the end too (although their alien Supernanny plunges to a horrible death).


Donna: (watching the Adipose get beamed up onto the nursery ship) What are you going to do then? Blow them up?
The Doctor: They're just children; they can't help where they came from.
Donna: Oh well that makes a change from last time. That Martha must've done you good.
The Doctor: She did, yeah. She did... (sniffs) ... she fancied me.
Donna: Mad Martha, that one. Blind Martha. Charity Martha.


Honestly the episode isn't very good. For one nothing even happens throughout most of it, it's just a bunch of running around from scene to scene mindlessly.

The villain is just extremely weak, she's not even funny or OTT like some of the shows better panto villains, she's just really dull and a waste of Sarah Lancashire.

What was even wrong with the adipose process anyways? It looked like a perfectly acceptable weight loss solution. The only reason The Doctor shuts it all down is because "Seeding a level five planet is against galactic law" Uhhhh okay then. Why couldn't 10 just get someone else to run the business?

I've seen some people praise the episode saying it satires weight loss and diet pills but the episode makes no comments on the obsession of thinness.

The ending of the episode is also pretty lazy, 10 just stands in a basement using the sonic on an adipose device spouting technobabble for 10 minutes.

Aside from a few funny 10/Donna scenes there's really nothing that good here. 5/10 tbh.