Paradise Towers

Paradise Towers
Season: 24
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 5 – 26 October 1987
Written by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Nicholas Mallett
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Time and the Rani Delta and the Bannermen
Mel loved drugs.
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>tfw grannies are tryina eat you and all you wanna do is find the swimming pool.

High Rise was written by J.G. Ballard and nicked by Stephen Wyatt and Andrew Cartmel for Sylvester McCoy's second story and the second story of Season 24. f


Seven and Mel visit Paradise Towers, a luxury 22nd century apartment building which has fallen into chaos and cannibalism. 

We meet the Red Kangs, the Blue Kangs and the Chief Caretaker, played by Adolf Hitler.

Mel almost gets eaten by some old ladies, then she almost gets killed by a pool-cleaning droid.


The Chief Caretaker was the first victor of The /who/nger Games.

Score by The Keffmeister.



Can't rear the Briers

The Chief Caretaker's chewing of scenery attracted some criticism. It's mentioned on the DVD that both JNT and Caramel were unhappy with his performance and Briers admits he ignored directions to "tone it down".

The Radio Times review described Briers' performance as a "career-low", claiming Briers is "shockingly bad in this story...there’s no escaping the fact that the Chief Caretaker, the key baddie in Paradise Towers, is just Richard Briers in a silly cap, silly moustache, putting on a silly voice. Mugging for England. Sending up Doctor Who in a horribly misjudged, self-indulgent performance, especially after the Caretaker has been 'zombified' by the Great Architect. Briers growls and clomps about like an embarrassing dad playing the Bogeyman. It plunges an already teetering production into the abyss." Top kek.