Paint Anon

Paint Anon
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Vital statistics
Tripcode None
Aliases None
First Post Date Unknown
Active Yes
Post Style Paintings. He might discuss other stuff, but we will never know.
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Paint Anon is /who/'s artist-in-residence. He works in an unidentified medium resembling oil-on-canvas.


We first learned of Paint Anon's existence when Moffat filed a rape charge against a /who/ anon who kept trying to take photos of the The Capaldick. Next thing you know, an elaborate painting of Moffat riding a goat was posted. Soon after, someone requested Neil Gaiman brandishing the severed head of Willy Wonka. (Yeah, I know. We're dark and edgy.) Paint Anon's most recent project has been a series of Alice Zhang parodies, which started out focusing on showruiners but has recently expanded to include various Doctors and sort-of Doctors.

Showruiners & Writers

Doctors and Pseudo-Doctors

Other Characters

Future Works

No one can predict how or when Paint Anon will strike next. He's known to make promises to fulfill fellow anons' requests but rarely delivers.

The following are all the requests confirmed as potential future works: