Osgud in Blink.
Osgood, seen here shortly after reading /who/
Osgud shows Kate her nudes.
tumblr reacts to Osgud's untimely demise.
Hidden symbolism.
The true and canon fate of Osgood.

apology for poor english

when were you when osgud dies

i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when missy ring

'tumblr is die'


and you?????????????


Osgud first appeared in the NuWho 8th anniversary special The Gay of the Doctor. She quickly became a beloved character for many tumblr dwellers who believed her to be the embodiment of Doctor Who fandom. Unfortunately for them that delightful Scottish bastard Morefoot decided she would be vaporised into a pile of dust instead. She died like the virgin she is with no nipples, a heavy flow and a wide set vagina.


Osgud returned for the Series 8 2-part finale Dark Water / Death In Heaven only to be "popped like a balloon" (obvious fat-shaming) by Missy.


Recently confirmed by Morefeet to be returning for Series 9, probably as a Zygon. She did. And now she's TWO Zygons. Which means now there's TWO Osgoods out there instead of none.

Fortunately for Doctor Who's characters, Moff seems to regard death as a temporary setback at worst.