Omega (audio story)

Omega (audio story)
Omega cover.jpg
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 47
Release date August 2003
Writer Nev Fountain
Doctor Fifth Doctor
Publication order
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Flip-Flop Davros

Omegle is an ear drama starring PETA Based-ison as the Fifth Doka and... no companions. Dayum, that's probably got some continuity whore somewhere triggered. It's notable for being, like, the only Nev Fountain story ever to not feature Peri or her Massive Tits.


Omayyyyga makes Fivey repair a derelict spaceship in the hopes that he'll be able to return to his universe, taking some fit babe with him who he wants to fill with his antimatter, if you get what I mean.

Ohmygah kills a bunch of people and Fivey is upset, but then he sees some security tape which shows himself committing the dastardly acts, and then realises that he's not really the Doctor, just a split personality of Omega caused by the Doktah's biodata, and then the real Fivey turns up as the cliffhanger to part 3.

Holy shit man, that is one awesome plot twist.

...oh, spoilers btw.