NuWho haters

"Back in the 1980s, the show had some dignity, goddammit."
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NuWho haters (Homo sapiens verpa) are a subspecies of human known both for their fear of change, especially that which occurs in sci-fi TV shows, and their diet, which consists almost entirely of pure salt. They are a gregarious animal, often found declaring "the 2005 revival of Doctor Who is an insult to the classic series!" on small Doctor Who forums inhabited by people with similar views, or venting their autistic anger at the equally autistic NuWho scrubs in YouTube comments sections. Sometimes, they may attempt to join a larger, more sane group of fans, but this usually ends in them being sent away for shoehorning their dislike of NuWho into every conversation. When criticized, they often attempt to use the weak excuse that they are the only fucking people who know what the show is supposed to be like.


The pastimes and rituals of haters include burning effigies of David Tennant, complaining online, masturbating to thoughts of "the good old days", and editing this very article to flatter their egos. NuWho haters are also known for Hating The New Doctor and referring to NuWho as NuHu for god knows what reason.

Guide for Showruiners on how to appease NuWho haters

If you are a Showruiner who cares about the opinions of angry old people, it may be a good idea to follow the guidelines below on how to make NuWho haters happy:

After these changes, casual audiences will hate you (and so will the BBC, most likely) but that won't matter because you will have returned the show to its true, pure form.