Uh... no comment.
Uh... no comment.
Season: 1
Episode: 3
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Air date 29 October 2016
Written by Patrick Ness
Directed by Ed Bazalgette
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The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Nightvisiting is the third episode of Class and a really weird one at that...


It starts with a montage from Tanya's parents getting together through to the two year anniversary of her dad's death. It's pretty depressing although the music in the background seems a bit too white for the situation. Anyway some tentacle sharts are showing everyone visions of their dead loved ones, and Tanya is confronted with her dad. She deals with it surprisingly well. (Ram gets a brief visit from his girlfriend again in the process but he seems slightly immune to it too.) Basically it's this spaghetti broccoli thing trying to eat everyone's grief by pretending it can give humans closure. Quill gets exposition from a vision of her sister, while Charlie and his foreign boyfriend are shacking up in the room above and completely useless to the plot. Ram and April run around and instead of thinking to check on their friends, they sit around so April can tell Ram and the audience about the butter accident that paralysed her mum (her dad should have let that sandwich go) and this is apparently all that's required for them to become a couple. What? Oh fuck it. Also when they get to Tanya's house they stop again while April randomly talks about the folk legends of the 'night visiting', which might be why we saw her playing a violin piece at the start called 'Night Visiting'. Anyway, after a lot of running and a hand stabbing with a screwdriver, the plot finally stops stalling and Tanya takes the alien spaghetti dad's bait. Except instead of giving it her grief, she overloads it with anger. Okay. While it's in a weakened state, Quill pulls an Eleven and runs into the spaghetti tangle with a double decker bus, which is pretty sick actually. Tanya and her mum bond over dead dad, and Ram (I shit you not this actually happens) says to April that he wants to come night visiting to her house, just shoot me fucking dead fammerinskies.



Idk wtf this is.