Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 33
Release date July 2002
Writer Alan Barnes
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
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The Time of the Daleks Spare Parts

Nefahland is the finale of the Sexy Doctor's second series in the Mayn Rainj. It's what everything since Warm Storm has been leading up to, and it goes onto set up the most divisive Doctor Who story ever aside from Hell Bent.

Ploy McMc, Shalalalala and Nepal Sea-Urchin be in this, yo.


O noes, he got a gun.

So the Time Lords have found out that the Doctor did a naughty thing by rescuing ChooChooPooPoo from brutally dying in a fiery explosion and have decided to abduct him so that he may suffer for his crimes get a slap on the wrist for accidentally fucking up time a lil bit. Turns out ShahlE's vag is a gateway to a mirror universe, and the Doka, Robanana and some CIA agents have to climb through it in order to find Rassilon's corpse except it's all an elaborate ruse. Turns out this mirror universe is home to some Time dudes who never existed, who are pissed at the existing Time dudes for erasing them, so they hatch an elaborate scheme to explode an Anti-Time bomb on Galilee to make time go all wibbly, except the Dokcta is like "lel fak u" and lands the TAZZEZ on it, infecting him with Zagayeus. He then bitchslaps Charloo, the sexist.


Ermagersh, FUCKING GOAT. Loads of cool revelations about Gallifrey's society, and Paul is particularly banterous in this one. There are a few moments where it goes a little pretentious, with Charley comparing the Doctor to Peter Pan, however ChaREEEEEEE herself has a few good moments in this, and it's always lovely to hear Romana come back and get porked by the Doctor. Neat cliffhanger, too.