The following is the officially approved /who/ Wiki page of (owned and operated by Digital Artist Xander Hugh) produces Sc-Fi VFX assets for use by non-profit and fan groups in online and offline video production and presentations.

Established in 2011 as a digital content creator NeonVisual amassed a large YouTube and social media following by other amateur and professional digital artists.   NeonVisual launched the “2.0” website in early 2015 giving for the first time downloadable and customisable content for widespread use including a roughly 50/50 split of free and paid downloadable VFX files.

NeonVisual has a 20,000 strong following on YouTube with regular video uploads and surpassing six million viewers, with numerous individual videos near or above one million unique views worldwide.

In the summer of 2015 NeonVisual brought two new creative artists to the .com website with their own subdomain and commercial download stores, specialists in their own genres.

NeonVisual also began operation of a successful custom fashion clothing store under the brand name of “NeonVisual AppareL”  in the second quarter of 2015.