Minuet in Hell

Minuet in Hell
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 19
Release date April 2001
Writer Gary Russell
Doctor Eighth Doctor
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The Stones of Venice Loups-Garoux
Charley the hooker on some fanmade cover I found on Google.

Minuet in Hell was one of the few and one of the first instances of Big Finish being super edgy tryhardsfor one of their Eighth Doctor entries, but it wouldn't prove to be the last.

Fortunately, Big Finish being edgy would prove to be a fairly infrequent thing until very recent times, and even then, they have been much better about containing or justifying their edgy qualities than those stupid VNAs and those even more stupid EDAs.

Why is it so Edgy and stupid?

If you really must know, it involves Charley Pollard almost getting raped by a BDSM fiend demon.

And it's not nearly as fun as it sounds.

It's arguably one of the worst Eighth Doctor stories that involved Charley Pollard for coming across as the Big Finish equivalent half-decent fanfiction written by a teenaged girl with histrionic personality disorder.