He so tiny! KAWAIIIIII
He so tiny! KAWAIIIIII
Vital statistics
Position Jack in the box
Age Not too old for Peri
Status Turned back into regular Mattress, then burnt
Physical attributes
Height Manlet
Weight Probably a ton

Mini-Mattress is like the regular Mattress, except so small that he makes Sylvester McCoy look like the Fisher King. Appeared in Planet of Fiya.


While playing with his favourite dildo (c'mon, it's Anthony Ainley, it's a pretty fuckin' realistic scenario), the Mattress jizzed so hard that he shrunk.

Peri eventually blundered in and discovered the awful truth, and attempted to squash him underfoot. However, whilst she was busy conveniently sneezing, mini-Mattress climbed inside her vag and grew back to normal size, bursting out from her chest like a Xenomorph... Christ, that's a weird mental image I have right now.