Season: 23
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 4 October - 25 October 1986
Written by Philip Martin
Directed by Ron Jones
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The Mysterious Planet Terror of the Vervoids

Mindwarp, aka The one where Peri dies only not really, is the one where Peri dies, only not really. It's the second episode of Season 23 and stars a dozen Alan Smithees, and was written by nobody. It's really weird but whether it's Ghost Light weird or Edge of Destruction weird depends on how much you can stand the garish nature of the Colin era.


Isn't it funny that Six strangled Peri the moment he saw her, thinking she was evil, only for her to turn evil in her last story? DEEPEST LORE.


BRIAN BLESSED (as King Yrcanos) is so outrageously canon he makes Colin Baker look like Peter Davison. I don't even know what that means.

The guy who made the music later scored the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Why I am so bald
The Doctor finally finds a planet where he can blend in.