Melanon is like the creepy uncle who got acquitted of rape but everyone knows he did it. Any comfyness is drained dry from such a presence.
— Anonymous (August 2017)

Artist's impression (by: anon). Enough said, really.

Melanon is a looming spectre who occasionally haunts /who/ and has done so for some years. Their posts are characterised by a highly self-important style, a presumption of superior intelligence, and an inability to comprehend normal human interaction.

You'd think this would be a great fit for /who/, but they also have wrong opinions about the show and almost everything related to it. (The name 'Melanon' derives from old arguments in which they defended the widely-derided Mel as a better companion than a certain one from NuWho. That's barely scratching the surface.)

Historically, the only thing Melanon has ever been correct about is the belief that Doctor Who fans are fucking idiots. Unfortunately, this is cancelled out by the incorrect belief that Melanon is any less of one.

As a result, Melanon's presence tends to derail entire threads with drama, perpetuated by Melanon's inability to stop steering the conversation onto their own personal neuroses (and /who/'s inability to stop replying and just ignore it). Scientists have concluded that extended attempts to psychoanalyse or document Melanon's behaviour will only contribute further to their twisted relationship with /who/, and should be ceased effective immediately.

Everyone agrees it would be better if Melanon became a trip.

See also Hoodie Anon.