>tfw the samefag matrixlord autist will never stop shitposting

Matrixlord is the host of the popular Doctor Who podcast, The Real Whovians Cast, which attracts a whopping twenty-six viewers a week. He is famous and also American.

He looks exactly how you would expect him to look.

Matrixlord has had "a lifelong passion for Doctor Who", which is said to be the catalyst that spurred him into creating Youtube videos about the show. As well as this, he has written countless scripts which he has submitted to the BBC which they definitely paid attention to.

He is also well versed in the law, and gets anyone who dislikes his YouTube videos arrested, claiming that "disliking videos should be a criminal offence".

During 2014, he broke up with his long time podcast associate and /who/ mascot, Sammi Carter. The fallout is still tangible, as every few months they will abuse each other on YouTube and social media.

His only intersection with /who/ was when he was linked to a thread, in which images of him and his videos had been posted. He then threatened to 'trace' the anons who had posted, by using features in Windows 10.